Worker's Rights

I believe that all workers should have the right to organize and bargain for fair pay, safe and appropriate working conditions, and health and retirement benefits. 

Collective bargaining is an idea that was created in Wisconsin. It was important to allow a strong middle class to develop in Wisconsin. The current giant gap between the 1% and the rest of us has developed in part due to the loss of union membership across the nation. 

Sometimes it is necessary for unionized workers to make sacrifices to the common good. But those sacrifices need to be more than matched by those richest of Wisconsinites and Americans in the upper 1%. And sometimes we need to deal with the occasional, but very rare, abuses of unions. But we must give at least as much attention to the horrendous abuses by the corporate and financial giants in our state and nation. 

In short, I stand with the working women and men of Wisconsin and the nation, and pledge to work to make their futures more secure.


I love our state and the people who call it home.  I love our lakes and streams and our ridges and valleys.  But most importantly I love and believe in our values and traditions.  I am running because I will not stand idly by while everything we hold dear is torn down. 

As you most likely know, I founded Clean Wisconsin 40 years ago [as Wisconsin's Environmental Decade]. 

I have been fighting to protect our Wisconsin for all these many years. I helped my hero Sen. Gaylord Nelson organize the first Earth Day in 1970.We must develop a respect for the environment, which as our great Sen. Gaylord Nelson often said, is critical for a healthy economy

Local Economies

Doug supports legislation that invests in Wisconsin’s local economies, such as the Farm-to-School lunch program, which would directly invest our tax-payer dollars in local farms, and in turn assure that school children have access to fresh, local, and healthy produce.  Doug also supports investing in infrastructure that will facilitate the growth of local economies, such as cooperative produce processing plants, which allow small farms to get their products on local shelves.  “We can create jobs by keeping our money in our own communities. By shopping at your neighbor’s shop, rather than a big box store, Wisconsonites can increase employment, neighbor by neighbor” said La Follette. 

Decentralization of power

Doug believes that too much power has been concentrated at the state level. He supports returning important decisions such as property tax limits to the municipal and county level. Doug also supports returning the appointment of the secretary of the DNR to the board of directors. 

Women’s Rights

Doug is a passionate advocate for woman’s rights. As a state senator, Doug wrote and passed legislation ensuring Wisconsin women had access to family planning and women’s health care. Doug also supports equal pay, for equal work.


Doug believes that public institutions belong to the people of this state and exist for their benefit. He would fight for strong funding of public education including the state’s valuable technical college and university system. He believes in the Wisconsin Idea that the boundaries of the university are the boundaries of the state. 

Health Care

Doug believes that health care is right, not a privilege. He understands that Badgercare is an essential program for many Wisconsinites, and would work to ensure that it is fully funded. 

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